Arie Knoops Arie Knoops



Pigment transfer on washi with gold leaf


Pigment transfer to glass, backed with bronzing powder


Pigment transfer to chromed sheets

Botanical Scrolls

Pigment print on Kozo-shi

Gems, and Scrolls

Gems: Archival pigment print on vellum or acetate with gold leaf or bronzing powder

Scrolls: Archival pigment print on Gampi or Kozo with gold leaf mounted to scroll


Archival pigment print on BFK or washi paper

The image of the grand, pristine untouched landscape is popular in art. In the history of American photography, it never existed.

The early practitioners followed the lumber industry and the railroad in their western push. That virgin landscape did not exist. In Walkabout, the modern roads are followed through the land. The images are available to everyone.

They all have the touch of man in them, whether it is a lone power line in the distance or it’s a created landscape of a golf course

Walkabout Variations

12"x40" images on 16"x44" Asuka paper

What Remains

Archival pigment print on Asuka washi paper

My mother passed in November 2015, while closing up the house that my brother and I grew up in, I started to shoot some images knowing that this was going to be the last time I would ever be in the house. I wanted to capture the memories, maybe an attempt to bridge my childhood to my present. This is the result. I did not intend to create a portfolio, but one did emerge.

Buddha Reflecting on the World

Gelatin silver print

Held in Trust

Gelatin silver print or platinum toned kalitype

Since the library of Alexandria was established by Ptolemy I in 280 BCE, museums have been the caretakers of mankind's art, science, culture, and history. They hold this in public trust for the enrichment of society, although what is valued by one generation may not be held in as high esteem by the next. These fleeting fancies of fashion dictate the disposition of these objects and ideals.

Hands of the Working Man

Gelatin silver print

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